Marshalls / HomeSense Grand Opening Mini Haul

A few months ago in my city, the new Marshalls & HomeSense stores had a grand opening event, where TJX members were able to check out the stores a day earlier than the general public. I attended just to look around, but I ended up buying a few things while there.



IMG_1440 fave

Chiffon High-Low Floral Shirt
($16.99 CAD)

I love the floral pattern on this shirt, as well as how light the shirt feels. The high-low design gives the shirt structure rather than a solid length all the way around.











Style Forever – Alyson Walsh
($5.99 CAD)

This cute little book has advice like “how to wear beige” and “the art of layering”. I’m excited to learn some new things about fashion.



A Short Guide to a Long Life - David B. Agus, MD


A Short Guide to a Long Life – David B. Agus, MD
($4.99 CAD)

This book has 65 things you should/shouldn’t do to live a long, healthy life. From “never skip breakfast” to “smile”, this book is informative while still being fairly short, and an easy read.




Do you have a Marshalls/HomeSense store where you live? What are some of the best things you’ve purchased from them? Let me know in the comments!


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