My 5 Fave TV Shows on Netflix

Note: These shows are currently available on Canadian Netflix, but I am not sure if they are available to watch in other countries.

Netflix on Macbook Pro

Jane The Virgin

I remember seeing commericals for this show years ago, and I had absolutely no interest in watching it at the time. I can’t remember when that changed, but one day I decided to open up the first episode, and I was hooked. The main plot was unlike anything I had ever heard of before, and somehow they manage to add new twists consistently.


Although this show is only one season in, I fell in love with the characters and plot of this show. I cannot wait to see where they go with it, and I am so glad they upload the episodes to Netflix weekly. With season two being filmed at the moment, we have to wait until October 11th of this year for the next episode. Hopefully the time flies by, as they left viewers with quite the cliffhanger in the season one finale.

Orange is the New Black

The newest season was released on Netflix last month, and I binge watched all 13 episodes in 3 days. This was another TV show that I was reluctant to watch at first. I really didn’t think I would be interested in the whole prison life plot line, but I was very wrong. I’m glad I eventually gave it a chance, because it quickly became one of my favourite TV shows. I love how much detail and backstory they provide about each of the characters; it really gives you more to think about than just them being inmates in a prison.

The Office

I put off watching the final episode for months because I simply did not want it to be over! I think this show is a “classic” fave for a lot of people, or at least the people I know.

13 Reasons Why

I have never watched a TV show that has touched me as much as 13 Reasons Why. After reading the book last August, I had hoped that there would be a movie in the future. I have to say, a TV show is an even greater idea, allowing the plot to be spread over 13 episodes. While this show has stirred up some controversy about ‘how far is too far’, I personally believe there is tremendous value in showing the dark, emotion-provoking events that occurred in Hannah Baker’s life. These terrible things can (and do) happen to people in real life, so the more people are talking about it, the closer we can become to avoiding situations that end in tragedy.  People argue that the book/show glamorizes suicide, but in my opinion, it does the opposite. Seeing the implications and aftermath of suicide, to me reinstates my belief that suicide is never an option.


What are your favourite TV shows to watch? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

P.S. Happy Independence Day to my American readers!

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