Lily & Ivy Handbag

Since my birthday is coming up (it’s tomorrow, yayyyyyy!) I have been shopping at bit more than usual. My latest trip to Winners resulted in me purchasing this gorgeous handbag by Lily & Ivy. I was in the market for a new purse because my old one was starting to look a bit worn out.

Lily & Ivy Handbag


I love the zippered pocket in the front, it’s perfect for things I need to access easily, such as my phone or keys.


The inside has three fairly large pockets, one of which is zippered, the other two have a magnetic clasp. This purse is the perfect size for me, it will easily fit necessary items as well as anything extra I might need.

This bag cost approximately $50 CAD, which I feel is a reasonable price for a good quality bag.


I also looked around the store for a wallet to match the purse, and I found this one by the brand Miztique.

The wallet is quite spacious, with a magnetized front pocket, two zippered pockets, and a middle section for cards.

The cost of this wallet was approximately $20 CAD.


Where did you purchase your go-to purse from? Do you like to own one main purse, or multiple purses that you choose between on a daily basis?

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10 thoughts on “Lily & Ivy Handbag

    • I usually stick to a smaller bag, but this one was so cute I couldn’t resist! Plus I’ve been needing one with a bit more room lately. Luckily this one has an attachable shoulder strap so I can still wear it as crossbody!

      And thank you!! 🙂


  1. I’ve never been big on purses until last year, and I still haven’t found a go-to! The only decent one I have is a black one from Aldo, but I’ve always got my eye out for one that I can buy because that Aldo bag is reaching it’s last years soon. 😦

    This is gorgeous though! Very very nice and the price is gorgeous as well, haha! I love the matching wallet! You’d think they came from the same brand.

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  2. Smaller purses are better and I can do well with them sometimes but I just don’t feel the need to have one with me. If I really need a couple things then I prefer a backpack but yeah! It’s adorable and has enough room for anything you need!

    You’re welcome!

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