5 Fashion Brands to Check Out This Summer

As much as I enjoy shopping for clothes at well-known stores such as Forever 21 and H&M, sometimes it’s nice to explore lesser-known companies, which is what I did for today’s post!

Note: I have not personally made purchases from any of these companies, nor am I sponsored by them. This post is just a compilation of a few brands I have found through research. 

Young Hungry Free

I discovered this brand when they followed me on Pinterest a few years ago. While I haven’t made a purchase from them yet, I definitely will in the future. They have gorgeous clothing items and shoes, for a fair price. They also ship worldwide, which is a bonus.

Young Hungry Free has a Refer a Friend program, which you can earn points from, and in turn receive discounts on your future purchases.

Here’s just a couple of pieces from their website:

Hardly Lace Two Piece Set (in stripes) – $30.21 CAD
Young Hungry Free - Touche Top
Touche Top (in black) – $27.44 CAD


Swoon Boutique

This company has a store located in Holly Springs, North Carolina. Their website isn’t clear as to whether or not they ship worldwide, but I hope they do because I found some really cute items while browsing!

Swoon Boutique has clothing and shoes, as well as swimwear, accessories, and handbags!

The prices of these items are a bit higher than the previously mentioned company, but still not too steep as long as the quality is good.

Swoon Boutique - Salt Water Knot T Shirt Dress
Salt Water Knot T Shirt Dress – $36.68 CAD
Swoon Boutique - Dusty Darling Lace Romper
Dusty Darling Lace Romper – $61.98

Necessary Clothing

This company ships to most places around the world (they are unable to ship to Nigeria and Russia), and have a large selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories. They also have three physical stores, two located in downtown NYC and one (new) location in Santa Monica.

Necessary Clothing works with the company “UNiDAYS” to offer students a 20% discount!

While some of their clothing items are more expensive, their sale section has incredible deals!

Necessary Clothing - On Your Side Wrap Dress
On Your Side Wrap Dress – $42.99 CAD
Necessary Clothing - Big Catch Fishnet Stockings
Big Catch Fishnet Stockings – ON SALE for only $5.06 CAD


Unfortunately, as I was browsing I realized this company only ships to the United States, which is a shame since I would have loved to purchase from them in the future. Fingers crossed that they expand their shipping locations sometime soon! Entourage also has physical stores in Alabama, Georgia, & South Carolina.

Their clothing items are moderately priced, with great sale prices in the clearance section of the website.

Entourage - Sheer Drop Bodysuit
Sheer Drop Bodysuit – $21.82 CAD
Entourage - Mushroom Valley Floral Top
Mushroom Valley Floral Top – $25.61 CAD


Mura Boutique

I’ve listed this store last as it’s the most expensive of the five. For me, buying expensive clothes is a rare occurrence, typically only happening when I have an unusually large paycheck. For the times when I am open to buying high-end items, I like to have a couple of stores in my mind to choose from.

This Australian-based company ships worldwide, except for Russia. They also have two physical stores in Queensland, Australia.

Mura Boutique - Blessings Dress
Blessings Dress – $78.25 CAD
Mura Boutique - All My Life Skirt
All My Life Skirt (in navy) – $58.44 CAD


Have you shopped at any of these companies? If you have, I’d love to hear about your experience with them!

Thanks for reading,
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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. None of the links included in this post are affiliate links; they are provided only for informational purposes.






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