Bumble and Bumble – Surf Spray Review

When I received the 1.7oz version of this product in the Sephora Favorites Summer Essentials bag, I was very excited to try it. My hair is naturally wavy, but it usually ends up being quite uneven and random. To achieve an even look, I usually wet my hair and scrunch it up with my hands. With this Surf Spray, I was hoping to skip the hair-wetting step and get straight to the waves.

Lauren over at Not Your Average Girly Girl commented on my Sephora Haul post that she’d like to hear my thoughts on the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, so here is my review!

Bumble and bumble - Sea Surf Spray Review [Chloe Plus Coffee]

One thing to note about this product is that once applied, it makes the hair feel stiff, similar to the way hairspray does. For me, this is a negative aspect, as I’d prefer that my hair felt natural as opposed to styled. I’ve also noticed that my hands feel somewhat sticky as well, likely from running my hands through my hair after applying the product.

Before Picture - Bumble and bumble Surf Spray Review - Chloe Plus Coffee

The picture above shows what my hair naturally looks like, after brushing. The reason I brushed it was to remove my natural waves as much as possible, to see how the Surf Spray performed on its own. As you can see, even after brushing my hair it still has a fair bit of wave to it, so keep that in mind when looking at the after picture.

(After Picture) Bumble and bumble Surf Spray Review - Chloe Plus Coffee

Here is what my hair looks like after applying the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. The main difference I notice is that more waves are present on the top half of my hair than in the before picture. The product seems to balance out the natural waves in my hair, creating an even look all over.

While I can achieve the same even-waved look by just wetting my hair and scrunching it, I think this spray works well for me when I’m in a time crunch and would rather just quickly spritz this product all over.

The 1.7oz version of this product is available at Sephora for $19.50 CAD, and the 4oz version for $32.00 CAD.

Does this product serve its purpose?

Yes, it definitely increases hair waves. I would recommend the product mainly for people with naturally straight hair, as people with wavy hair likely won’t see too much of a difference.

Would I repurchase? 

Knowing that I can achieve this look without the spray, I probably wouldn’t repurchase, especially for the price that it currently is.

Is the brand cruelty-free? 

As found in a statement in their FAQ, Bumble and Bumble does not test on animals, unless required by law — so overall, no they are not cruelty-free.


Have you tried this product? Did you have a different experience with it? What’s your go-to spray for beachy waves?

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12 thoughts on “Bumble and Bumble – Surf Spray Review

  1. I have the same hair type. I haven’t tried this one yet but I don’t like the stiffness that other salt sprays leave behind either! One pro I noticed is that salt sprays help my hair dry faster!

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  2. Yayy I’m so glad you reviewed this! You’re so lucky to have naturally wavy hair, it’s gorgeous in both the before and after! I don’t prefer to have the stiff hairspray-like feel, but because I love a natural wave look to my hair (my hair is pretty straight) I may still be interested in giving this a try. However, it is a bummer that the brand is not cruelty free as I’m trying to be more conscious of this.

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  3. I tried this out a while back and had similar problems. I don’t think it works very well for very thick hair either because it let my hair a scraggly sticky mess. My cousin loves it though, so it’s probably just my hair type that doesn’t cooperate with it.

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