Christmas in July?! The Perfect Chilly Day Outfit

When I spotted this gorgeous sweater at Zara, I couldn’t resist buying it, even if it was completely inappropriate for the current season. It was on sale for $17.99 CAD with an original price of $45.90 CAD. The fabric is so soft and warm, perfect for a chilly day. The sweater is cropped, so I would probably pair this with some high-waisted skinny jeans or leggings. The bottom of the sweater is scalloped, which is a detail that I love on clothing.

Zara Cropped Round Neck Sweater

The bright red colour reminds me of the Christmas season, and if any of you watch Big Brother (the US series), you’ll know that one of the houseguests’ name is Christmas, and the show was promoting #ChristmasinJuly whenever she was on screen. That is where I found the inspiration for the title of today’s post!

There have been some stormy days in my city recently, hopefully there’s another one soon so that I can actually wear my new purchase.

How far in advance do you buy clothes for the next season? Or are you impulsive like me, and buy it when you see it?

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