Sephora Canada “Week of Wow” Wishlist (Cruelty-Free)

Recently Sephora Canada announced an incredible sale: The Week of Wow. I quickly sifted through the products listed, taking note of the items I would love to purchase. While I likely won’t purchase most of these products, I thought it would be fun to share the products I am interested in. If you’ve tried any of the products below, let me know what you think of them!

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My First Airbnb Experience (+ $45 CAD OFF Your First Stay!)

Read to the end of this post to receive a discount for your first Airbnb stay!

If your first thought after reading the title of this post was “Airbnb? Isn’t that where you stay in some creep’s basement?”, then please keep reading, because that’s not the case 😂. While you are able to rent a room in somebody’s basement, there are plenty of other options, including renting an entire apartment!Read More »

My Recent Pandora Experience

While in Chinook Mall a few weeks ago, I looked around the Pandora store. I’ve been lusting over the rose Timeless Elegance ring for about a year now, so I tried it on and contemplated buying it for the hundredth time. My boyfriend then reminded me that one of my rings (the My Princess ring) was broken and needed to be repaired. My best friend gifted me the ring for my birthday a few years ago, so it means a lot to me. Read More »