Sponge Showdown: Beauty Blender vs. Real Techniques

Today I am putting two different makeup sponges to the test, to find out which one is superior in foundation application.

The first contender is the Beauty Blender, a fave for many beauty YouTubers / bloggers. People rave about this sponge, so I was thrilled when I received one as a Christmas gift last year. Since then, I have been using it religiously, without really thinking about its performance. Sure, my foundation looks good when I use the beauty blender… but could it look better?

I first heard about the Real Techniques sponges in a YouTube video and I was immediately intrigued by the flat edge. Using the Beauty Blender to apply foundation to your under eye area can be difficult, so I was hoping that the Real Techniques sponge could combat this issue. One of my best friends gifted me the Real Techniques sponges for my birthday and after that I was inspired to create this post!

Let’s get to the comparison!


Two.BB.Clean set
☆ $52.00 CAD from Sephora
(the original beauty blender alone is $28.00, so this set is definitely a great deal)

The Beauty Blender is great at making sure foundation is applied smoothly over your entire face. One concern I have is that some of the foundation is being absorbed into the sponge, which is obviously quite wasteful. I have heard that wetting the sponge before use helps avoid this problem, but I still feel that some of the product is absorbed while the sponge is wet.

Cleaning the Beauty Blender is an absolute chore. As previously mentioned, my kit came with a blender cleaning solution, but even soaking the sponge in a bowl of warm water & the solution doesn’t help. I have makeup permanently staining my sponges (which is probably a sign I should throw them out anyway).



Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges
☆ $13.57 CAD from Walmart ($6.79 per sponge)

In terms of size, both sponges are approximately the same width, but the Real Techniques sponge is longer, likely due to the flat edge being present.

When I started using the Real Techniques sponge to apply foundation, I immediately noticed it wasn’t blending the same way the Beauty Blender did. As I bounced the sponge on my face, only the points I was hitting was getting product, and when I tried to blend it along, the sponge just picked up the product and moved it to the new spot.

As suspected, the flat edge does make applying foundation under the eyes easier, but once you get to the inner corner of your eye, the sponge is so big that your nose stops you from reaching that part of your under-eye.

This sponge was also difficult to clean. After putting on my foundation, I immediately went to the bathroom to wash it (something I never do), and yet the product still wanted to stay in the sponge. I’m t-h-i-s close to trying that microwave cleaning trick that may or may not end with my house burning down, lol.


Overall, my first impression of the Real Techniques sponge was not a good one, which is a shame. Looking at both price points, I would have loved to have been impressed by the Real Techniques sponge. I think (despite the steep price) I’ll be sticking to the beauty blender.

Thank you for reading my Sponge Showdown! Of course, these are all my opinions, so you may have a different experience with either of these products. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa. I hope you enjoyed!

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17 thoughts on “Sponge Showdown: Beauty Blender vs. Real Techniques

  1. I personally love the real techniques one but haven’t actually tried the beauty blender so.. plus it’s a lot cheaper so you can’t expect too much ahah. Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too.


    • I’ll definitely give the Real Techniques sponges another try, since they were a gift and I’m not going to throw them out lol. If my opinion on them changes I’ll write an updated post 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ll look forward to it if you do it! It’s hard to find the benefits in something when you find something else so great ahah x


  2. Hey! I have the Real Technics sponge as well and cleaning it is difficult. I found that rubbing the sponge on a bar of soap gets it super clean! Rub the sponge on the bar soap the wet and repeat a couple times, it gets it pretty clean. Not spotless but definetly cleaner. Hope this works for you! xxx


  3. I love my RT sponge… I legit can’t live without it when applying foundation or concealer.
    However, I did find this to be a problem on the first few occasions I used it, but after that it’s been brilliant so definitely worth giving it another go!


  4. I have the same cleanser as you got with the beautyblenders, and it is absolutely awfull. I bought a BB-set that came with a black soap bar, and that one is so much better. I personally prefer the black BB, since I feel like is a bit better than the pink one when it comes to picking the product back of your skin


    • I’m glad I’m not the only one disappointed with the cleanser the BB came with. Thanks for the advice about the black soap bar, I’ll have to try that! And I might purchase the black BB in the future.


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