Road Trip to Calgary, Alberta

Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I set off on a short road trip to Calgary! We wanted to go on a holiday, but also not break the bank doing so. Calgary is a four hour drive from our city, and has some touristy options available, so that was our agreed upon destination. While we had been hoping to travel to the mountains, most places were all booked up.


On our way, we stopped at Gasoline Alley, which is about halfway to Calgary, for lunch and to fill up on gas. There’s a store on Gasoline Alley called The Donut Mill, known not only for their amazing donuts but for having their store shaped like an actual windmill!

The Donut Mill, Gasoline Alley, Alberta Canada | Chloe Plus Coffee

I ended up ordering the donut of the month – S’more! It was absolutely delicious, and only $1.69 CAD per donut (you can also get 1/2 dozen for $8.49 or a dozen for $13.90).

After lunch, we were back on the road, heading towards our next destination: CrossIron Mills shopping centre! This shopping mall is huge, with stores like Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, H&M and Sportchek, to name a few. There’s also a food court with many fast food options as well as restaurants like Boston Pizza and Milestones.

We spent a couple of hours at CrossIron Mills, but didn’t end up buying anything. I wasn’t exactly in the shopping mood, plus nothing caught my eye.

On this trip, I stayed in an Airbnb apartment in downtown Calgary (stay tuned for next week’s post all about my Airbnb experience).

For dinner, we went to Earls in the downtown area. I had the spinach dip, my favourite meal at Earls.


The Calgary Tower | Chloe Plus Coffee

One of the things I definitely wanted to check out on this trip was the Sky 360 Restaurant. It’s a restaurant at the top of the Calgary Tower that revolves, turning a full 360 degrees every hour! A great thing about making a reservation at this restaurant is that ordering an entrée gets your elevation fee ($18) waived! The entrées are quite pricey, especially dinner, but saving the $18 for getting to the top of the tower makes it worth it. My boyfriend and I decided to have lunch at the restaurant, as the meals were less expensive. I had the steak sandwich, which was amazing!

Steak Sandwich | Sky 360 Restaurant Calgary | Chloe Plus Coffee

After lunch, we decided to head out to the Banff Hot Springs! The drive was about an hour and a half, so we thought it was worth checking out. After being at the hot springs for an hour, grey clouds started to appear in the sky, so we got back on the road to avoid the storm.

Once we were back in Calgary, we stopped for dinner at Boston Pizza. I decided to have the create your own pasta, picking fettuccine with alfredo sauce.


On Tuesday we spent the whole day at Chinook Mall. This mall was also quite large, with stores like Hudson’s Bay, Coach, Guess and more. After shopping for a few hours (again buying nothing, very unlike me😂) we decided to see a movie at the Cineplex that was inside the mall. My boyfriend had told me about the movie “Detroit”, so that’s what we decided to see. It was a very heavy, eye-opening film, not like the movies we typically watch. I would highly recommend seeing this movie, as long as you are ok with watching sensitive subjects.

After the movie we had dinner at Joey, which was also attached to the mall. I had their butter chicken, which was incredible.


On our last day, we decided to just head home rather than find something to do in the city. We stopped at Gasoline Alley again for lunch, but since I wasn’t very hungry I opted for a passion tea lemonade and an oat bar from Starbucks.

And that’s a wrap on my trip to Calgary!

Where was your most recent holiday? What was your favourite moment from the trip?

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13 thoughts on “Road Trip to Calgary, Alberta

  1. Omg what is even such a huge tire used for? 😂 and this post is so lovely, I’m a big fan of road trips, my last one was in California and I absolutely loved it, I think I left my heart there 💗


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