Back-to-School Fashion Pin-spiration (Items Under $50)

Pinterest is one of my favourite websites, and I use it to find inspiration for almost any topic.

As my first day of school nears, I have found myself thinking about what items I’d like to see in my wardrobe. Back to school is always a good excuse to do some shopping 😉. I turned to Pinterest to help me brainstorm; here are some of the items I came up with.


(L-R) Floral Top, Yellow Peplum Top, Lace V Top

I like to buy tops that are cute but comfortable, hence the loose fitting tops above. The floral top is perfect for pretending that it’s still summer once school has started 😂 Since September will be a fairly warm month where I live, short sleeved tops are definitely still appropriate.


(L-R) Black Skinny Jeans, Light Blue Boyfriend Jeans, Black Leggings

When choosing between shorts and long pants, you can probably tell I prefer long pants. Sometimes classrooms have air conditioning on, and I get cold easily.
Black skinny jeans & leggings are both really easy to implement in an outfit, because they go with almost anything. I wear jeans occasionally, but for comfort I prefer leggings.
I’ve never owned a pair of boyfriend jeans, but they are definitely on my to-buy list.


(L-R) Long Grey Coat, Grey Corduroy Jacket, Green Utility Jacket

For jackets I prefer loose-fitting rather than tight. I find that those jackets are usually warmer, which certainly helps during a Canadian winter.


Thigh High Boots, Pink Slip-On Sneakers, Black Ankle Boots

None of these shoe choices are appropriate for a Canadian winter, but I’m the type of person who pretends winter doesn’t exist until I’m knee-deep in snow 😂.


Do you use Pinterest? Leave your link below! You can find me on Pinterest here. What clothing items are you excited to wear for BTS?

Thanks for reading,
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