Riverdale Season 2 Premiere Review *SPOILERS*

Riverdale is back, and I am incredibly excited.

The whole episode was insane, and I had no clue whether or not they would kill off Fred. They didn’t, but hey, they technically still could.

First can we talk about how Archie’s dad just got shot and Veronica thinks it’s the perfect time to just jump in the shower with him???


I mean yes, Archie did go along with it, but he wasn’t exactly in the right state of mind.

In fact, I didn’t like Veronica at all in the first episode of Season 2. I can understand that her parents have done some shady things, but acting like a brat and disrespecting them isn’t going to get her anywhere.
I did, however, respect when she told Archie that she wasn’t going to leave him. I think that was very courageous of her considering he had just yelled at her to go.

Cheryllllllllllll. Burning your house down to “purify” yourselves? Okayyyy, sounds legit. But what’s worse than lighting your house on fire is running back into the burning house to retrieve a family portrait; I’m looking at you Penelope. After seeing Cheryl acting so vulnerable at the beginning of the season one finale, it was difficult to watch her spiral out of control at the end. I am hoping that she finds a balance in her life, and can work towards getting better.

BUGHEAD – I love their relationship so much, but I definitely think the whole Jughead/Serpents plot is going to mess with it. Jughead’s also in pretty deep with his love of solving mysteries; I could see that hurting him sometime soon.


Finally, Miss Grundy. While I wasn’t happy to see her again, I was shocked that she was murdered in her own home. It was a crazy scene to end the episode with. They’re certainly moving forward with this “Angel of Death” character, and I’m guessing he’ll be going back to Riverdale for more.



Do you watch Riverdale? What did you think about the season premiere?

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3 thoughts on “Riverdale Season 2 Premiere Review *SPOILERS*

  1. I can’t read this post yet – I haven’t started to watch season two yet! I’m sure it’s been awesome so far though, I can’t wait to start it๐Ÿ˜„


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