Fullscreen Live Presents: Elle Mills | Edmonton AB

Fullscreen Live Presents: Elle Mills | Review

As you can probably tell by the title: I MET ELLE MILLS!

I absolutely love her YouTube videos, it is amazing how well she plans them. When one of my friends told me that Elle had a tour stop in our city, I knew we had to get tickets.

 Now, before seeing Elle’s show, I had heard some unpleasant reviews of Fullscreen Live shows. Particularly, the cost of tickets versus the length of the show. On the website for tickets to Elle’s show, it specifies that the show length is between 20 and 30 minutes long. Fullscreen tries to put a positive twist on this by saying it provides “more time for your meet & greet”. When you are paying $50 CAD for a ticket (or $110 for VIP tickets), a 30 minute show seems a bit underwhelming to me. Especially when the meet & greet portion is saying hello, posing for a picture, and moving along.

Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with the talent. If I had to do an hour long show, I would not want to spend the next couple of hours meeting hundreds of people one after the other. So I can see why a 30 minute show is preferential to the performer. I just believe the ticket price should reflect the show length in some way.

Expecting a 20-30 minute show as stated on the website, I was pleasantly surprised to find the show lasted around 45 minutes. The show (which I assume is similar to other Fullscreen Live shows) was comprised of interactive skits with the audience as well as a question & answer period.

Elle’s special guest for the Vancouver and Edmonton shows was Corinna Kopf! I have seen her in various videos on YouTube, so I was quite excited to see her in person as well. Corinna was supposed to be part of the meet & greet period, but something must have come up as she was not present with the rest of the Mills family.

Overall, I was impressed with my first Fullscreen Live show, considering I had heard negative reviews. Elle is definitely a natural comedian, so she makes for a great show host. I would definitely go see her again if she comes back to Edmonton.

If you want to see Elle Mills on tour, she has a few tour dates remaining in the month of May.

Have you ever been to a Fullscreen Live show before? Or met any of your favourite YouTubers in person? Let me know in the comments!

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