African Botanics Revitalizing Therapy Gel Review | Photo by Chloe Plus Coffee

African Botanics Revitalizing Therapy Gel Review

Since I have started going to the gym three times a week, I have experienced my fair share of sore muscles. I am usually fine on the day I go to the gym, but 1-2 days later I really feel it. When I decided to purchase the FabFitFun Editor’s Box, I was looking forward to trying the African Botanics Revitalizing Therapy Gel.

– Post workout recovery
– Promotes circulation and wellbeing
– Anti-inflammatory action
– Thermal and cooling feeling
– Restores vitality with a soothing effect
– Aromatherapy stimulates your senses
– Transforms tiredness and lifts your spirits

This product is for all skin types, and has a light lotion consistency that easily rubs into the skin.

African Botanics Revitalizing Therapy Gel Review | Photo by Chloe Plus Coffee

After applying this product to my calves for the first time, I sat for a few minutes wondering if it was working. The scent was definitely strong, but I wasn’t feeling anything. Then, all of a sudden, I felt it. My legs started to feel as if they were burning, and it quickly became uncomfortable. Now, I have sensitive skin, so maybe it’s not supposed to react that way, or, maybe it is and I am just a wuss. Either way, the entire experience of putting this cream on leaves me more uncomfortable than just having sore muscles.

I let my dad try the gel, to test if it was just me being a baby. He had used Voltaren gel before, so he is familiar with what sore muscle gel should feel like. After a few minutes, he told me he didn’t feel anything. I told him to keep waiting, and then BOOM, he started to feel the burning.

So, yes, this product does relieve the pain of sore muscles, but only because it replaces that pain with the feeling of your limbs being set on fire. That being said, I have occasionally continued using the product, because 1) I paid for it, and 2) the pain isn’t intolerable.

A tube of the African Botanics Revitalizing Therapy Gel contains 2oz (60ml) of product and is currently priced at $65 USD (~85 CAD). Personally, I wouldn’t repurchase for this price even if I was in love with it, primarily because a tube of Voltaren will cost you less than $10 CAD (~8 USD).

This product is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which is something that I often look for in products. It is formulated without silicones, mineral oils, parabens, allergens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs and SLSs.


Have you ever tried an African Botanics product before? Do you also feel the intense burning sensation when you use sore muscle gels?? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “African Botanics Revitalizing Therapy Gel Review

  1. I have been using this since that editors box (I re purchase when it’s available in add on fab fit fun sales) and it’s my holy grail for rheumatoid arthritis joint pain. I wouldn’t describe it as a burning, personally, but it’s a tingling sensation which is a bit like icy hot (but actually works) because of the menthol in the product. It feel similar to tiger balm, which is one of the only other salves that works for me.

    I find tiger balm ineffective on large areas like shoulder or knee, though, while this therapy gel can actually get me through a workday during an RA flare. It has arnica, which is definitely an effective anti inflammatory, and menthol for that cool heat sort of sensation.

    I suspect, if you felt it was just uncomfortable, your muscle stiffness or soreness wasn’t bad enough to need it!


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