5 Reasons to Complete an Internship in University | Photo from Pixabay.com

5 Reasons to Complete an Internship in University


Let’s face it: simply having a degree doesn’t guarantee you a job anymore. Employers are increasingly looking for people who have the degree, as well as experience in the field. Completing an internship or job during your university years will give you the best chance of being hired once you’re finished. If you apply for internships through a school program, that means the companies are looking to hire students, so they will understand that you might not have experience any previous experience.


At my school, we have what’s called the Science Internship Program. If you complete at least 8 months of internship placement, and complete necessary modules, you receive a special notice on your degree which indicates your participation in the program. This is a nice bonus that distinguishes you from someone else with the same degree.


Deciding how you want to spend the rest of your life is difficult. You can make it easier on yourself by learning what you do and do not enjoy doing. An internship is the perfect way to discover if you actually enjoy working in your field. If you don’t, well, maybe it’s time to switch majors. 


We all know the “broke uni student” stereotype, living off ramen noodles, and saving all the pennies hidden underneath the couch cushions. While a job during the school year may not be best for you, having a summer internship will help you fill your bank account for the next school year. 


Working as a student in your related field could have its perks; who knows, the company might offer you a job once you’ve completed your degree! 


If you are wondering what prompted me to write this post, I am excited to announce that I am currently participating in a summer internship of my own! In November I applied for a position under Canada’s Federal Student Work Experience Program, which I received and started in May! I am working at my nearest international airport as a Student Border Services Officer with CBSA. This job (including the training phases) has challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally, but I am so happy to have stuck with it and pushed through the difficult parts. I am so excited to see where this position takes me in the future.

Will you be participating in an internship this summer? Let me know in the comments!

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