Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday Deals 2017

Every year I love heading to the mall to partake in the insanity that is Black Friday shopping. Unfortunately this year I have to work after I’m finished classes, so I’ll have to participate online. Thankfully, most stores have deals that are in-store as well as online.

My email inbox has been flooded by companies promoting their pre-Black Friday deals and previews for their actual Black Friday deals. I thought I would compile a list for those of you who prefer not to be spammed with emails every day 😂. FYI, all of the deals listed below are for the Canadian companies, so these deals may vary in the US/UK.Read More »

Treat Your Loved Ones with UncommonGoods

The list of businesses that are prioritizing sustainability is a growing one, and UncommonGoods is on that list. On their website they have a page dedicated to their mission; which is filled with environmental and social benefits.

UncommonGoods makes sure that the items listed on their website come from suppliers who view environmental and social responsibility at the same level as they do. In their commitment to providing products that do not harm animals or people, UncommonGoods do not sell items containing leather, feathers or fur.Read More »